Become a Sound Defender

Become a Sound Defender by hosting a Postcard Party. It is easy! And it is important.

We must respond to the Department of Defense’s massive expansion of Growler Jet operations which affects our entire region. We must put pressure on our elected officials so they work with the Navy to find an alternative to the expansion proposal.  And we must continue to broaden the base of people involved in this campaign.

Postcard parties are a great tool to get hundreds of folks involved, and to get thousands of postcards sent to our representatives so they hear us!

You can approach this party any way you like! At your home over a meal or a drink, at a café or pub – whatever works for you. We also have copies of Plane Truths available for you to borrow; Plane Truths is a 33 minute film that explores the effects of Navy expansion on Whidbey. You might choose to show the film along with your postcard writing. Whatever format you choose, we ask that you accomplish the following:

  1. Number of Guests: Have a gathering of 10-20 friends who fill out 5 post cards each. The post cards will be pre-addressed, with the electeds addresses: Senator Cantwell, Senator Murray, your congressman, Governor Inslee, and Richard V. Spencer, the Secretary of the Navy.
  2. SDA Speaker: With a few days’ notice, we will book a speaker to help answer any questions and get folks involved.
  3. Fact Sheet and Sign-In Sheet: We will provide a Fact Sheet with details for your guests so they can understand the circumstances and the challenges our region faces. The Sign-In Sheet is important contact information for us. Please have each guest sign in legibly and return the completed sheet to SDA.
  4. Postage: We ask the host to cover the cost of postage. Postcard stamps are 35 cents each. We ask that the host personally collect all the post cards and mail them out. We have found that if people leave with blank postcards and good intentions, they don’t always get mailed.
  5. Building Momentum – Next steps for you and your guests: Next steps can be (a) sign up to be a volunteer of the Sound Defense Alliance, (b) Donations: make a contribution to support the effort, (c) some of your guests may help by hosting a party of their friends.  Our SDA Speaker can cover these next steps at the party. Or you can, whatever works for you.
Answers to questions about organizing the Postcard Party:
  • Why do a party now? The clock is ticking.  We expect that the Secretary of the Navy will make a final decision on the Growler expansion by late November or December.  Our elected officials are the ones that can influence the Navy, but they must feel the pressure from us NOW.  Every day counts.
  • Who do I invite? Invite neighbors, friends, coworkers, folks you play on a team with or play music with. Invite people from your church or your school or your kids school. Invite your doctor, your mechanic, your babysitter.  Invite your book club.  Invite folks from your community group. You get the idea. The key is this: if you want 20 people there, invite 40!
  • How do I invite them? Send an email or make a call, or both! Calls really work to get folks to come to an event.
  • What do I say when I invite them? Speak from your experience and communicate directly about your concerns with the Growler expansion. Keep it short and powerful.
  • How do I get a resource speaker to come to my Postcard Party? Contact Mike Ferguson at and ask him. Please give us at least 3 days’ notice, ideally 5 days.
  • What do I do with donations and the sign in sheet? Leave them with your resource person or kindly send them to Sound Defense Alliance, PO Box 373, Coupeville WA 98239.
  • What else should I know? We really appreciate your involvement! Postcard parties are a great way to build pressure on our elected officials, and a great way for us to build a base of active people that will help us win—long term or short. Thank you!
  • What if I have more questions? Contact Mike Ferguson by email:

Already planned your party and looking for the toolkit? Click here for access.