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How can I join the Sound Defense Alliance?

  1. Get your group to become a Member Group
  2. Get your group to become an Affiliate Group
  3. Individuals can become an Affiliate Individual

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What other ways can I help?

  1. Volunteer
  2. Donate
  3. Write to your Representatives
  4. Share videos and social media content in your networks
  5. Be vocal – Spread the message!

The Details

If your group represents five or more people and your group supports the Alliance Mission, Purpose and Goals, then your group can join the Alliance as a Member Group.

If you are a group or an individual who agrees with the Alliance Mission, Purpose and Goals, in whole or in part, and want to be counted as an Alliance supporter, you can join as an Affiliate.

Fill out the contact information below, choose to join either as a Member Group or an Affiliate and send it to us.  The Steering Committee will review your application and contact you.

Thank you for joining the cause.

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