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Final Environmental Impact Study:

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Growler Final EIS_Volume_2

Growler Final EIS_Volume_3

Sustainable Economy Collaborative Report – In 2016 a diverse group of residents of Island County, Washington, with both civilian and military backgrounds, came together to investigate the opportunities and obstacles to building a thriving, just, and sustainable local economy. The SEC proudly presents Michael Shuman’s answers to the  questions for which there are available data and analysis tools. We hope this study opens an important conversation in Island County and the State about the costs and benefits of brittle dependency on the military for our prosperity and stimulates debate and further research so we can steadily and rationally make our local economies more diverse, healthy, prosperous, and resilient.

Operational Impact Assessment

11/29/18 State Historic Preservation Society Letter To Navy re: Refusal to Sign MOA

11/21/18 – Representative Rick Larsen to Secretary of the Navy on EIS Response

11/5/18 Secretary of the Navy Letter to Rep. Larsen re: Navy Ops at NAS Whidbey Island

10/26/18 – Governor Jay Inslee Letter to Secretary of the Navy re:Final EIS

10/12/18 Representative Rick Larsen Letter to Secretary of Navy, re:NASWI-EA-18G-EIS