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Pacific Northwest Coast Alliance

The governing board of the Sound Defense Alliance is comprised of leaders from the following regional groups:

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Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve for a Healthy, Safe & Peaceful Environment (“COER”) was formed in 2012 following the introduction of the EA18-G “Growler” aircraft to Whidbey Island and the public realization that the Navy had not accurately described the impact of the Growler in its 2005 Environmental Assessment.

Navy claims in that EA included that there would be fewer Growler operations than from the Prowlers being replaced, that the Growler was quieter than the Prowler, and that there would be less overall impact upon the public and the environment from the Growler.

Actual flight operations beginning in 2011 proved all of those claims to be false.  COER arose from the public outcry and opposition that resulted in Central Whidbey.

Today COER seeks to have the Growler missions relocated to military reservations where there will be no impact upon civilians or the environment.

Area Served: Primarily Central Whidbey Island

Number of members or others represented: 1000+

Contact: Maryon Attwood, President

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CCA organized following the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement in November 2016. Our early goal was to inform the community about the content of the DEIS and to encourage written responses to the Navy.

Following that early work, CCA has continued to organize, provide more information to the community about the impact of the Growler expansion through community forums and fact sheets, encourage community mobilization, and engage with elected representatives about the need to limit Navy growth.

Area Served:  Central Whidbey

Number of members or others represented: 700

Contact: Chris Hurley


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Indivisible Fidalgo became a local Indivisible chapter in January 2018; from January – December 2017, the group met regularly as Move On Skagit, but were unaffiliated with any network.

The purpose of Indivisble Fidalgo has always been to preserve and protect our democratic institutions.

Area Served: Primarily Anacortes and the surrounding Fidalgo Island area

Number of members and others represented: 700+

Contact: Bud Anderson
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The Quiet Skies Group formed in 2013, and is comprised of citizens and residents of San Juan County, Washington who are concerned about excessive and disruptive noise in our skies due to the placement of EA-18G Growler jets at Naval Air Station Whidbey.

Quiet Skies is working toward the reduction of noise due to fly-overs of San Juan County, carrier approach control training, and other jet operations.

Area Served:  San Juan County, Washington

How many members or others represented: 500 members

Contact: Rhea Miller

Evergreen Islands is a non-profit, membership organization, incorporated in Washington State. Evergreen Islands’ focus is on “monitoring and supporting the responsible enforcement of local, state, and national laws that protect the environment, specifically the environmental protections contained in municipal comprehensive plans and policies, municipal and county shoreline programs, the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA), the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA), Federal Water Pollution Control Act, and the  National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).”

Area Served:  Skagit County, Washington

How many members or others represented: 

Contact: Mark Lundsten